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Sterling silver lab blue opals boho ring

Sterling silver lab blue opals boho ring
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Sterling silver boho ring set with lab blue opals. Handcrafted in Israel.

Opals help the wearer to see possibilities and discover a broader view. Opal gemstones increase your imagination and dreams, & also assist in general healing.

The blue color has a special meaning in Judaism.

Sterling silver boho ring set with lab blue opals. Handcrafted in Israel.

Height 1.5 cm

Sizes 6 7 8 9

Why Silver Jewelry?

You have so many choices to buy jewelry, why would you want to buy silver jewelry. There are many advantages to buying silver jewelry these days. Some of them are:

Modern Fashion Traditional designs Sturdy and durable Cheaper

Fashion for today

Gone are the days associated with silver worn only as heavy chains and large pendants by unruly teenagers and gangsters. Now you will find everyone from celebrities to teenagers to grandmothers wearing silver jewelry. Why choose silver? Well, it is cheaper than similar-looking white gold, and much cheaper too. You cannot miss the white metal jewelry in magazine or newspaper advertisements. TV shows and movies actors and actresses alike are portrayed in white metal jewelry too.

Past and Future

White metal jewelry in general complements majority of people skin no matter the color. With the increasing demand for this type of jewelry, and the nessecity of keeping old traditions, more jewelers are expanding their line of jewelry to white metal. The trend seems to be pretty strong, so it is safe to say that white or silver jewelry is here to stay for some time to come.

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