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Blue zircon amazonite pearls Gemstones earrings

Blue zircon amazonite pearls Gemstones earrings
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Designer handcrafted earrings made with green zircons, pearls and amazonite gemstone on a copper base with an 14 carat goldfilled hooks.

Measurements: Approximately 1-1.2 inches (2.5-3 cm) length with the hook


The allure of the pearl is timeless and universal. Since the beginning of the recorded history, the pearl has been extolled as a metaphor for life itself, for virtue and love, wisdom and spirituality.

The word "pearl" is similar in many languages. In English (pearl), French and German (perle), Dutch and Swedish (paarl), Italian and Spanish (perla).

This universally understood word came from Roman´s "pirula" which means "tear-shaped" as it was used to describe the shape of many freshwater pearls.

History of pearls

The illustrious history of the pearl is unparalleled. Today´s birthstone for June, the pearl has a history more ancient and more fascinating and regal than any other gemstone. Unlike diamonds and colour gems, pearl´s beauty is there for all to behold from the very first moment. It needs no enhancement, cutting or polishing. And it is not difficult to believe that the pearl was truly the first gem - a beautiful, rare and highly prized substance known to man.

Power of pearls

In addition to the pearl´s value as a gem of incomparable beauty, for centuries people believed that pearls contain special curative abilities, especially for the eyes, melancholy and depression.

Pearls are still believed to possess the power to enable one to see into the future and help to better interpret dreams.

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The healing powers of gems remain a controversial issue, but are mentioned for centuries by healers, shamans and medicine men. Whether it's a fact or a placebo effect doesn't matter, if it helps. The safest approach is to wear the gemstone in skin contact to the troubled part of the body.

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